Catholic Preschool and Kindergarten

Happy Parents

Here's what other parents are saying about our school.

"Over the last six years, our three sons have attended preschool and kindergarten at Saint Maria Goretti. When you count it all up, it works out to ten years of schooling. The teachers, aides, and staff have educated and cared for our boys with professionalism and love, a mix that is hard to get right. Our sons are better prepared for the challenges ahead because they attended Saint Maria Goretti. We want to thank them for all their hard work, love, and support."
- Tim and Leslie O’Shea

"We were with SMG for more than 8 years and we feel blessed that our children had such a wonderful place to grow both spiritually and academically. This is only possible because of the commitment of caring teachers and, just as importantly, a caring parish community that supports its programs like CEA financial aid. Thank you St. Maria Goretti."
- Mary and Dan Minton

"After attending what are considered to be premier preschools in the valley for my two sons, I felt I discovered a treasure when I transitioned my youngest son to SMG for an increased level of academics for pre-K. The school creates a perfect balance of spiritual, academic and social enrichment that develops an important foundation for young children. I found most preschools concentrate on learning through play for the entire preschool process. Although SMG starts with that philosophy, they weave in a solid academic curriculum. After a very short time, it became evident this school was like no other we experienced. The size of the campus is perfect; the warmth, love and spiritual presence you feel from the staff cannot be duplicated. My son learned so much in one year about the importance of prayer in daily life, respect of others, giving back to the community, reading skills and the concept of academics. I wish I would have known about the school sooner, so both my sons could have benefited from attending there for all their preschool years. Attending SMG allowed my youngest son to have a seamless transition to his elementary school OLPH."
- Tricia Covert

"The staff at St. Maria Goretti became a family to us. They’ve always treated us like family and since the very first day, it has been a comfort to bring our daughters to caring, professional and exceptionally talented teachers. They have provided our children a strong educational and spiritual foundation that will be with them a lifetime. St. Maria Goretti preschool and kindergarten is an exceptional school and a wonderful community of support for the child and the entire family."
- Marc and Shellean Roberts

"My husband and I had heard from friends and family what a great school SMG is. It is not until you’re actually here that you realize how special this community is. The staff truly views their roles in our children’s lives as privileges to teach, nurture, and extend great care through all steps of development. This stems from the school’s deeply rooted value system of spirituality and academic success. In the years our son has been at the school we’ve watched him thrive in all aspects of fundamental childhood development, including a sense of spiritual self. We feel blessed for my son’s time spent here, because we know that these experiences are firmly establishing his path for lifelong growth and success."
- Mark and Erin White

"Saint Maria Goretti Preschool/Kindergarten was part of our family for twelve years. When our youngest graduated it was hard to say good bye. With the age spread of our children we have been privy to see the positive impact of a faith guided early education. It has also been a testimonial to hear our older two girls tell of their warm memories and experiences at Saint Maria Goretti. They continue to come back to visit the staff that , for the most part, has changed very little. We as parents feel so proud that we partnered with SMG in the early development and spiritual guidance for our children. We as a family have grown stronger in our faith. This is a wonderful community that has not only been there for our children but also for us as parents. Thank you to the staff of Saint Maria Goretti for helping us give our children the best foundation possible."
- Frank and Beth Pipitone – Parents of Lauren, Meghan and Catherine

"We have been parishioners at SMG since 1990. We moved away from the valley for 5 years, but when we returned and our youngest was ready for preschool, there was no doubt in our minds where we would attend. We immediately felt safe leaving him at SMG and knew he was in very capable and loving hands. We have watched our son grow and flourish due to this faith-filled environment. His heart has been truly filled with the light of Jesus and he is always so excited to go to his school every day. We feel so fortunate to have this experience and greatly appreciate the generosity and continued support from our SMG family."
- Bud and Barb Schawl

"I will be the parent sobbing at the End of Year Liturgy. The kids will start singing “Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord” and I will lose it…I know it! This will be our family’s last year at SMG. My oldest daughter started as a 3 year old in 2003. Since then, our three girls each have had the pleasure to go to preschool and kindergarten at SMG. What a beautiful experience it has been for our girls, husband Jon and me. Although we will no longer have a child at SMG, luckily, we will get to keep many special memories and lifelong friends. I’m not a sappy person at all but I have to say this school is such a blessed and beautiful place. I have to give special thanks to everyone! Ms. Kathleen for leadership and dedication, amazingly creative and sweet preschool teachers, caring office, staff, Miss Pamela for her precious spiritual guidance, and to THE BEST kindergarten teacher in the whole world. We will miss you all. May your families experience the many blessings we did at this little school that has a big heart."
- Germaine Mirmelli

"My husband and I have two children who have gone through St. Maria Goretti preschool. We have felt the greatest sense of community and belonging over the years and it continues to grow with each child that attends the school. What a concrete example of how God can use his servants to serve each other. We will continue to be a part of this community for many years to come."
- Mary Ann and Sam McAllen

"I knew it was the right place the moment I walked through the gates! We are a family with 2 sets of twins ages 2 and 4. It has always been paramount in our family to let each child have the opportunity to see the special gifts each one possesses and also to acknowledge and appreciate each others gifts as well. A day at SMG preschool is all about this. As we watch our children grow through the preschool, we see in them with others the lessons they are led to learn on their own. The golden rule, the gifts of friendship from classmates and love and respect we receive from others. “At any given time, we are all exactly where we are supposed to be!” And we definitely are."
- Tim and Patti Jasinski

"Saint Maria Goretti is truly a special place. The teachers and staff put so much love and joy into what they do for the kids. For my daughter, they really instilled her love of learning. She has such fond memories that even now at elementary school, she still asks to go back and visit. The Atrium is another part of why this school is so special. The way the children respond to this Montessori-based method of religious teaching is amazing. Because they are given the opportunity to explore and play or "work" with materials related to the biblical teaching, they really come to understand it. These children KNOW they are the sheep and that Jesus is their shepherd. What a gift! Thank you Miss Pamela! Having been at this school for 6 years, the teachers and staff of St. Maria Goretti really feel like an extension of family, for myself and for my kids. I feel so fortunate!"
- Jen Price

"If you are looking for a faith filled environment where the teachers are extraordinary and genuinely care about the outcome of your child academically and beyond, Saint Maria Goretti Preschool and Kindergarten is for you!"
- Nicole Beyer